Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Throwback Thursday"

How about a scrapbook page?

Many of us use our stamps not just for making cards, but also scrapbook pages and (as you have seen other "throwback" posts) papercraft-y items!

Before the age of digital scrapbooking there was a good old-fashioned way!

I found this scrapbook page and I thought it was very appropriate for this edition of "Throwback Thursday".

It is a scrapbook page made at Stampin' Up! convention in Las Vegas. According to the date it was from 2003.


This being the start of my 18th year as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, I don't know why I'm surprised...

The stamps may have retired, but the friends remain the same!

In the top picture that's me and my dear friend Denise after we just got done making this very page at the convention make n' takes! See it? I'm holding it!

(Denise), remember when they announced a downline "roll-up" at convention and we just looked at each other because at the time, you were "the roll-up" for me? ... And ladies were screaming because that meant extra thousands of dollars for them? Haha

... And when that one drink made you woozy, and you passed out on the bed at convention? LOL

How about that time when you surprised me with the news that you were pregnant? At this point in our friendship (we probably knew each other five years), and all along believing that you couldn't have children anymore! And along came our little T.!  You are so blessed!

The bottom picture shows my friend Kim and I at the Manager's Reception - a special gathering they hold every year for the leadership of Stampin' Up!

(Kim), remember selling $15,000 and getting a Xyron laminator? LOL - big whoop.

.... And falling asleep on the phone because we could only place phone orders then and the wait times were so long?

Remember how W. ordered "two of everything" on the Alaska cruise? And he's still so thin -  it's not fair!

.... Shopping till we dropped at the mall of America... Ordering fattening food (cheese curds) from room service when we got back to the hotel... Then we missed our flight back home the next day?.... And then we shopped at every airport that we got stuck in on the way home? (I'm still paying that credit card bill by the way, LOL)

...Introducing you at convention when you made the Advisory Board ... I was so proud of you!

I love this page for the colors.

I love this page because I'm holding the just-completed version in the top picture.

I love this page mainly though, because it's all about friends - friends that would not have been in my life had it not been for Stampin' Up!

Friends with whom I have traveled (Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico!)

Friends with whom I have spent quality time (girls getaway weekends are the best!)

Friends with whom I have gotten to know their families (and even seen new additions added to their families!)

Friends with whom I have laughed, cried and prayed.

They are both going through a hard time right now health-wise.

This page reminds me of the many good times we have shared together...

And the many more that will come our way!

I love you both!


  1. I love this page, too. VERY special women!!!

    Oh, and SOME of us STILL scrapbook this way and refuse to go digital (can't teach an old dog new tricks?).

  2. Lovely post, lovely you all!!!