Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

On my gosh! How could I forget?

It's "Throwback Thursday"!

I know I've already done my Stamping post and a cooking post today. I even threw on a Stampin' Up! recruiting special! 

But, God forbid I do "Flashback Friday" tomorrow, because remember? My boys told me that that didn't exist - so I have to do "Throwback Thursday" if I'm going to do it!

So here it is.... An oldie but a goodie!
Card stock picture frames that are supposed to look like denim jean pockets! See the "rivets" (brads) at the top, and the little twill tab sticking out to the side?

The picture on the right  is my youngest son when he was just five and just starting to play hockey. He's 15 now and yes, I still have this picture in my stamp room!

The picture on the left is my favorite little girl - the daughter of one of my dearest friends. So I guess that makes her about... what... 12 now? Well her toddler picture is still gracing my stamp classroom, so she is forever at that age in my mind! I guess that's why when Denise tells me how old she is now I say, "I can't believe it!" I really can't! I look at her every day and she's three years old! Haha. Love ya, T!

The stand-up picture frame is still a great way to send a picture especially with school pictures and at Christmas time.

Just take an 8.5 x 11" piece of card stock and cut it in half lengthwise (4 1/4") Fold in half. Take another small piece of card stock, let's say 4 1/4 x 3". Fold that in half. Then, fold each half in half but do it opposite ways so you have mountain and valley folds (up-down). Glue each end inside the folded card, and there you have it! It stands up to display and folds flat in order to mail.
Oh... this was a good throwback!  Not only a good project to revisit but also just to see their shining little faces!

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