Thursday, March 13, 2014

"What's cooking?" - Flavored Water

There are so many reasons that you should drink more water throughout the day! 

I have been so guilty of not drinking enough water in the past. I would have my morning cup of coffee and during lunch at work I would only have about one cup of water. I would have a drink at dinner (sometimes water, sometimes soda) and that was about it.

What am I, a camel?

Fatigue has always plagued me.

I had a stroke, for goodness sake!

Suffering from joint pain during my road to recovery (especially walking) has NOT been fun.
Now, I have to do everything in my power to get better and staying hydrated is one of those things! 

One cup of coffee in the morning is fine, I like my coffee! But for me, the rest of the day is water, water, water! Very rarely do I have soda or any other sweetened drink any more.

I have been able to make this simple change because of my new-found fascination with flavored water! 

Not the kind you buy that has sugar or artificial sweetener, but the kind you make!

I realized that half of my problem is that I don't really care for our plain well water. I bought a Brita pitcher, for filtered water, after I got tired of taking empty water bottles to the recycling center. You have to do that, too if you want to get your money back! Here in Connecticut, we pay a bottle deposit charge every time we buy them. I know I didn't have to do that back in Pennsylvania! 

Drinking filtered water ... that still didn't do the trick. Water for me is just "blah"!

So now I flavor my water with fruit, and sometimes, herbs. It's more interesting to me, and I find that I drink a whole 2-quart  pitcher every day!

If you're like me, and find drinking water a forced task, maybe you'll try these combinations and drink more water! Your body needs it!

These are the ones I've tried so far:

Blackberry /sage
Watermelon/ rosemary
Strawberry/ cucumber/ mint
Lemon /cucumber/ mint
Orange/ rosemary
"Detox" water: lemon, cucumber, mint, grapefruit, lime

Here are some tips I've learned:

•Be sure to clean your fruit well so it is free of pesticides! They say that soaking fruit in a solution of vinegar and water usually removes all the bad stuff.

•Sometimes I peel my oranges, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I add herbs, other times I do not. Be creative with your own combinations, or check the internet (or my Pinterest board, "beverages") for suggestions!

•Try to drink all of your water in one day. Citrus fruits, especially, get bitter if left soaking for a long time.

•Dump fruits/ herbs when done with water.  I have found no uses, so far, for soggy fruit!

•Check the Internet for healing properties of certain foods! You'll be amazed!

•Be sure to "muddle" your herbs and fruits for best flavor! (ie. bruising, smashing a little)

There are so many other combinations I want to try- especially the ones that use basil.

Here is a great website to reference:

It has not only a fantastic article (and sugar comparison chart of drinks) but also many water flavor suggestions. I love it!

Just thought I'd share! Maybe some of you out there are just like me. 


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