Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Closer examination of the pictures I posted last week of my stamp room resulted in this:
You know how sometimes you don't even notice anything anymore that's right in front of you? He is on the shelf and I even forget he's there!

This cute little snowman was made at least 6 years ago!

My friend Carol A. and I used to do an after school stamp club during the winter at St. Joseph School in Bristol. This was one of the projects that we did with the kids.

Isn't he cute? He is especially adorable when you fill him with a cello bag of blue/ silver wrapped candies and give it as a gift! What better way to get someone out of the recent-snowstor -doldrums!

Let this serve as a friendly reminder that all of those little packages we make with the Big Shot, filled with a few goodies, even though small- brings a smile to someone's face!

So go do a random act of kindness, and make someone smile today!

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