Thursday, February 13, 2014

3-D paper piecing "addendum"!

I was finally going through the Christmas cards that we received this year - yeah, I know - tomorrow's Valentine's Day... but sometimes our house is like "the time that stood still".... but anyway, I came across this handmade card from my  friend Jenny B., who is a stamper in Dover, PA. 
Look at this great example of 3-D paper piercing! How convenient that I just talked about it on my blog the other day!

Notice how she cut out different pieces of paper for Mary and Joseph's robes. Closer inspection revealed that she has not just one layer, but two layers, and they are popped up with Dimensionals. By doing so, she was able to add a blue textured piece for Mary's robe and the patterned "many-colored-coat" for Joseph. Awesome!
Notice, also, the stained glass window pane behind them. That was stamped on vellum paper and colored to give it that "frosty" look.

I love this card! Thank you Jenny for sending it at Christmas time! I am just so sorry that it took me this long to finally appreciate it.

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