Monday, February 3, 2014

Card in a box!

These are all over the Internet now so I thought I would try one! It is called "card in a box". It folds flat to fit in an envelope-
And then it pops up to a three dimensional surprise!

Mine is rather simple - lots of punched shapes. I plan on making a couple of others though, one in particular for my mother's 80th birthday this month. I'll post that one, too, after I make it.

I searched high and low for the directions on this project. The result: one video tutorial was great but all the measurements were in metric, as she was from either Great Britain or Australia. A second tutorial made a 6 inch card, so you are forced to make your own envelope with the envelope punch board.  That is fine except that I wanted it to fit in a regular medium envelope!  A third tutorial began with a 12 x 12" piece of card stock so I knew it was going to be larger than I wanted. 

I combined the information from all three so it would meet my needs. I will post a tutorial and measurements soon. I want to share it with my stamp clubs first. In fact I'm going to give them "homework" - a challenge of sorts - we'll see if it works!

The  box project is easy but because of all of the elements that you add to it, it is rather time-consuming. Not only that, your options are endless! I am planning to show them how to make the box - then they are on their own to finish it any way they wish. I am hoping that they'll send me pictures to upload on the blog to share with you. (Now that I have said it   publicly, the pressure is on for them to really do it! Haha!

There are lots of "card in a box" samples out there right now, especially on Pinterest.  

Enjoy them!

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