Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's cookin' - That damn cake...

It has earned the name "that damn cake" because that damn cake kept calling my name... It called my name when someone posted it on Facebook the other night... It called my name the next night when there were leftovers. 

I had to go to confession after eating that cake - I felt so guilty...

It's called Coconut Cream Cheese Cake.

It looked so good so I followed the link to the recipe. Hey! I had everything on hand, so why not make it? I've been eating veggies and drinking Nutribullet smoothies, so I could use a little cake, right? 


This is a cake from the Darkside! 

I'm not saying I'll never make it again - I would love to make it again! I just won't make it again for the four of us. I will definitely make it for a special occasion when there are lots of people to share it so I don't have more than one piece!

It really should be called "Coconut Cream cheesecake" because it's more like a cheesecake than a cake. The recipe said it was a dense cake. They were not kidding! There was no cake- like texture whatsoever. Think cheesecake... but even firmer. If you cut it into squares for serving, one could pick it up and not even drop a crumb.

It was delicious!
And the icing was to die for!

Excuse me while I go run a marathon....

Bottom line: we all loved this cake- But is it's not for the faint at heart! ❤

Here is the link to the recipe:


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  1. it looks delicious , I wish I could reach into pc screen and take a bite or two or three Kathy P