Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday....

I've seen this concept on Facebook where people put old pictures or post old songs -whatever- just to make you think of a time gone by. Well, I think I will occasionally use this concept or maybe even "Flashback Friday" because I find things in my stamp room all the time that I don't even know I have!

The other day I found this pin:
 Good grief!
I must have been a real country bumpkin back in the "stay-at-home mom" days! Just out in my garden every day.... LOL

Who remembers making this with me?

It probably goes back at least 15 years.

I'm sure we did it at a make and take either at my house or at the San Carlos Inn/ The Hop in York. Remember? I used to do those make and takes a couple times of year with my up line Michelle and some members of my downline? You would pay about $25 and make five cards/projects. 

This was one of them, I know. We tea- dyed muslin and put batting between squares of the fabric and just stitched the corners for you. It was meant to show how to stamp on fabric with our fabric pads. Then you colored using fabric markers, and did a quick stitch around the image. Then you cut it out, hot glued a pin on the back and... voila! - an ugly pin that you would never wear anywhere (except in your garden while wearing bib overalls!) Yee haw!

I can't believe I still have this! But then again if you would see my stamp room it wouldn't surprise you at all. Even though it's much more organized than it has been in the past, I still have things hiding in bins that pop out at me every now and then!

I think it will be fun to revisit these projects. It might just show us how far we've come with this craft. Every now and then  I think we'll hit up on a good one! Maybe a technique  that we haven't seen in a while, beloved stamps that have since retired, a fun fold, etc. will make a special appearance.


PS: if you still have this pin it's time to throw it away!


  1. Haha! You are awesome. And, I think you should wear this with pride! Maybe even make a pin to wear next to it that says "I made this myself"...

  2. Ummm! All I say is.... you've come a long way! Thank God! :

  3. Nancy , I was thinking about making at stamp club next month...