Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, A New Venture!

I finally am doing this! I'm so excited!
I love stamping and cooking, so why not do a blog about it? That way you can always see what I'm up to! (Ok, well, not always!) But when I think a card or a recipe is blog-worthy I can share all the details with you. It's cumbersome to do that on Facebook as I've been doing, and besides, not everyone cares what I'm making! By starting a blog, all of you who that are interested can visit and get (hopefully) good ideas.

Let me start off my first blog by saying.... very little of what you view here is my original work. Many of my card creations are copies (or close) to works that I've seen elsewhere... Stampin' Up!, Splitcoast, Pinterest or individual blogs. Recipes have been handed down/shared, appear in a cookbook, or have been found on the internet. I will give credit when I can! After all, they say that "imitation is the greatest form of flattery". Now you can learn how to make that fabulous card or I can give testament to how yummy that recipe really is that we've all pinned - from a friend! 

Social media has been a great way to keep in touch or rekindle old friendships. I'm just hoping to further that here.

I will try to at least post one card and recipe a week. As my muscle control in my hands returns, I should type faster and therefore share more. For now, I'll be wise and not commit myself to any more. That would just be plain silly!

If you have any questions or comments (positive only, please! LOL), don 't hesitate to post. I'm very new at this blog stuff so you can always contact me as well through my Stampin' Up! website at:  or email me:  


  1. You are awesome!!!! Can't wait to see what you post. Good luck!

  2. LOVE IT!!! My fav Danielle recipe is the shrimp and pasta dish you made from the Italian cookbook...and the ricotta/honey ice cream! Looking forward to your blog!!!

  3. Nancy told me about your blog and you're doing a great job !!! Love it!!!