Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's Cookin'? - Fresh Corn, Tomato, and Cheddar Pie

To those of you who read my blog posts faithfully: I apologize!

End of summer activities... mini vacation, school shopping, etc... has been keeping me busy. So busy that I didn't have the energy to even do a blog.

But I did take pictures along the way in future hopes of sharing with you!

I just can't keep this recipe to myself any longer, SO I'M BACK!

Fresh corn, tomato, and cheddar pie

I have now made this twice in the last week or so.  One time I made it for dinner and the other, because it was so good, I made it to bring to a Labor Day picnic.

My husband told me this ranks up in the top 10 of things I've cooked!

Guess he liked it!

This was a great way to use the fresh tomatoes that we had grown in our garden!

I think I had previously shared a recipe I dubbed "taste of summer pasta"...  Well, this trumps that on the "taste of summer"!

Seriously, if you are not growing corn in your garden, (we're not) just buy three ears of fresh corn on the cob at the grocery store, cook it and remove the kernels for this recipe. Don't use canned or frozen. You won't be sorry! (if you must use frozen and let it drain/thaw in a colander for an hour before assembling)

And those of you who have so many tomatoes you don't know what to do with - this is an answer!

The original recipe calls for a homemade crust. I'd given up on that years ago when I discovered that you can buy the store brand roll-out kind, and they taste just as good!

Here's the link to the original recipe:

Just be sure to seed almost all of your tomatoes so as not to make the pie too watery! (My Beefsteak tomatoes are different from Roma tomatoes, as I couldn't just halve them and squeeze out the seeds - I had to slice them and push out the seeds with my finger!)

But this is an important step, so don't skip it! Don't want to end up with a watery pie or a mushy crust!

Before adding the top crust you add a "sauce", which is a mixture of mayonnaise and lemon juice. I know that sounds strange but it actually makes it quite tasty, just a little bit of tartness, balancing out the chives perfectly!

The best thing about this pie? (besides the flavor, that is) It is good right out of the oven, but even better at room temp! Perfect to bring to a picnic or make ahead!
Fresh corn, tomato, and cheddar pie

• 4-5 tomatoes, sliced (3/4 of all seeded)
• 3 ears of corn cooked, kernels removed
• 1 1/2-2c shredded mild or sharp cheddar cheese
• one package of store-bought roll out pie crusts (you will use both crusts - one for top, one for bottom)
• Salt and pepper
• 2T fresh lemon juice (juice from one lemon)
• 1/3c mayonnaise 
• 3T fresh chives
• 2T butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350°.

Place bottom crust in pie plate. (I use a deep dish one for this)

Layer half of the tomato slices, half of the corn, half of the cheddar, salt and pepper, half of the chives.

(no cheese yet here on this picture- I just had to take a picture because it looked so pretty!)

Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Whisk together lemon juice and mayonnaise. Pour evenly over top layer.

(notice in my picture that I put on the sauce before I added the cheese- I don't think that really matters!)

Top with second pie crust. Cut holes to vent.

Brush with melted butter.

Bake 25 to 35 minutes until crust is golden brown.

Try not to eat it all in one sitting!

You're welcome!

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  1. I'm going to try a no crust version. It looks great.