Friday, September 19, 2014

What's cookin' - Cream of zucchini soup

Not too many pictures for this post, but believe me this is a great recipe! Quick, easy and healthy too!

I this recipe on They list calories and Weight Watcher points there if you are interested.

All you need for the soup is:
• 3 medium zucchini, skin on, cut in chunks
• 1/2 onion, quartered
• 2 whole cloves garlic
• 32 oz. chicken broth (1 box)
• 2T sour cream

-Add broth and vegetables to a sauce pot. Bring to a boil.
-Lower heat and simmer 20 minutes, or until all veggies are soft.
-Purée with an immersion blender, or carefully pour and purée in a stand blender, until all ingredients are pulverized and combined.
- Add sour cream and stir.
- Season to taste.

** Before serving, I add grated Parmesan cheese to top and drizzled with olive oil.

** You can make this soup even healthier  by using reduced-fat sour cream and/or reduced-sodium chicken broth!

**Make it vegan without  the cheese and use vegetable broth instead! 

** This soup lends itself easily to being changed up. You can top it with fresh herbs instead of the oil and cheese... If you need a heartier soup, try adding some chopped zucchini (or zucchini noodles!) or yellow squash... Serve it as a beginning to your meal or as a meal itself by serving it with some crusty bread. 

Let your creativity shine!


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