Sunday, May 15, 2016

My stamp room: A work in progress...PART 1

I love to go on all of these blogs or watch videos on YouTube about other people's craft rooms. I even pin pictures of them on Pinterest. The rooms I see are usually all nice and organized, and beautifully decorated with furniture from IKEA -every crafter's dream room.

That's my goal, too. However, I am not quite there yet!

If you have ever seen any of my stamp rooms in this or our past houses, you know that I am a "clutter bug"!

Well, let me tell you, I've come a long way!

It's getting there… Everything in its place or at least, I have a plan to put it SOMEWHERE, but haven't put it there yet!

I've come to the conclusion that it will never be perfect, but I wanted to share it with you anyway! If there is even one idea I can give you to help organize your stuff, I've done my job.

So, be warned! This is not a nice and tidy space like one of those "perfect" rooms you see on the web- you'll always see a little something messy in the photos!

... Just keepin' it real, people!

Here it is- my little piece of heaven !
The card catalog
A recent addition to my room, this lovely piece of the past was GIVEN to me by my friend Pam A. I ended up taking a few of the drawers out to accommodate my cards and 12x12 paper, and boy, does it hold so much stuff!

Here is a peek at some of what's inside:
I even have those little pull out shelves that used to be used to write down your Dewey decimal system number(remember those?) it is now a shelf to use for heat embossing and/or using a glue gun. I keep the supplies in the drawers right above the pull out shelves, and I have an extension cord held up by command hooks, that runs along the top of the unit.

I do stamp 90% of the time, but I also love crafting in general! So, for that other 10% of the time that I'm not stamping, I even have room for general crafting supplies in this wonderful cabinet:

My custom made stamp shelf

My fabulous husband made this for me about 15 years ago as a Christmas gift!
I keep all of my non-SU! stamps on this. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate my tallest stamps, and I am able to fit stamps three-deep on each shelf!

The left-hand side of this shelf was created as a ribbon holder. I haven't used it in years because I used to have a long  table in my stamp room. I recently took that table away and was able to enjoy the side of the shelf again!

Note: you saw all my old, small punches in the card catalog drawer. All of my flat storage punches are on a ledge that goes across the width of the room. You'll notice some of them in this picture underneath the shelf.

Extra note: my husband always wants me to tell you that he will gladly make a shelf like this for you for $150. So there, I did!

CHA-CHING! Typical man… Always seeing the dollar signs!

Pull-out stamp shelves

When we bought this house, this room already had these shelves. The previous owner, I believe, used to have canning jars on them (kind of like a cold cellar?) My handy husband knew of my needs and converted six of them into pull-out shelves. Now I am able to store way too many stamps! The top, stationary shelves currently house some things that need to be given a new home.

The curtains and tie backs are recent thrift store purchases. Sometimes I just have to hide the mess and this was my way to do it!

More punch storage

This idea came from Pinterest!

An over-the-door shoe organizer comes in handy for storing punches! I use this one that I bought at Aldi for $5 to store my "lever punches". It's even my favorite color!

Well, that's it for today! I have lots more to show you, but another post will have to suffice!

A big "thank you" to my dear friend Nancy! Not only has she helped me on many days to just clean and organize my stuff, but she has given me lots of "mom advice" (like, "finish what you've started!") and also some great ideas for future projects! 

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