Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Paper Pumpkin!

On my "Facebook Friday" live stream I caused a lot of excitement with my customers when I talked about My Paper Pumpkin from Stampin' Up! 

I guess I just didn't realize that maybe you didn't know what it was- just as I mentioned, on Friday, that my husband didn't know what it was -  even though I had been receiving it for two years.

They guess the old saying about the adage "don't assume" is really true. (I don't need to go there, do I?) LOL

So, I'll begin with what it is, show you some pictures, and show you how to get it! 

MPP is a crafting subscription program from Stampin' Up!

Each month this fun red box is delivered right to your mailbox! It contains everything (well, maybe with the exception of scissors) you need to create that month's project.  Precut and ready to go !

You will always get a stamp set and all of the paper supplies, embellishments, glue dots/Dimensionals, and an ink spot( a mini ink pad). You will get a clear block, size D, with your first kit.

Each month is a surprise - we never know what we're going to get, but we always love it!

Sometimes it's cards and envelopes…

Other times it's gift packaging or home decor...

(For more examples, watch my "Facebook Friday" video.)

I mentioned on that video that the Halloween treat bags (witche's brooms? ) this year were so darn cute, but since I gave them all away I didn't even have one left over to show you... Well I found a picture that I uploaded to my Pinterest board "SU-my paper pumpkin"!
I ended up using my own brown paper lunch bags because the caramel apples that I bought were a little too large for the ones that came with the kit. The bags that came with the kit were shredded almost completely down to the bottom -way cuter than my own, but you get the idea! I'll use the bags that originally came with the kit this year.

When my kit arrives I immediately send messages to some other friends that also receive it. We schedule a day to get together to put the kits together and chat. Usually there's food involved, if Patty D attends! 
( we missed you, Marcia!)

… And sometimes we even have a birthday celebration!

I tend to follow the kit instructions, others think out of the box and come up with some designs that are a little different. I see a lot of these on Pinterest and I pin them to my board, usually leading to my purchase of a "refill kit"!

One of the perks of being a subscriber, is that you are eligible to purchase a past kits for refill kits as they become available
I know, I know!

Now you want it!

How do you get it?

There are two ways to subscribe, really.
I.  Monthly subscription:
 Pay as you go for just $19.95 a month (shipping included).
I would greatly appreciate you putting in my name when it asks you for a demonstrator name!

By entering your credit card on file it's simply gets charged and sent to you each month until you decide to stop it.

You can even pause it for a month, (skip it) if you need to! The cut off for any subscriptions/changes are always the 10th of the month, because they are sent out on the 15th. 

So… If you sign up online before June 10, for example, you will get June's kit!

II.  Pre-paid subscription:
Pay ahead or give it it's a gift!

You would order these as you would any  other product, in fact you may have other product on your order. You simply visit my website at: and go to the online store link, and enter the code specified.
(shipping is included in the following prices):

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

It is a way to get creative without any prep work!

Join me and my friends as we enjoy some "girly time" and put our kits together, or gather your own friends together to do the kit! Of course, they are a great way to relax on your own, or I'm thinking of even bringing a kit on vacation for my hotel "downtime".

You can't go wrong!

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